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Our top seller: The EGON breathing mask reliably protects you from particles and other harmful substances.

Respirator with the filter standard KN95 , equivalent to US NIOSH N95 and Europe FFP2 . Complies with the EU regulation on personal protective equipment and the relevant European standard EN 149 .

Details & materials

Dimension175mm x 95mm
Weight / piece4.38 g
Ear loop
Nose bridge
plastic coated wire
Face mask
non-woven fabric, meltblown nonwovens for medical use

How to wear a face mask properly

Our security measures for shipping

Difference between FFP classes

Why should you wear a protective mask?




Limit of application of this mask
This filtering half mask should NOT be used,

  • if the oxygen content of the ambient air is below 17 VOL%;
  • if the pollutants or their concentration are unknown or are classified as directly hazardous to health or life;
  • if the pollutant concentration exceeds the applicable safety and occupational safety standards or 10 times the MAK * - if there are several
  • The lowest value is decisive for pollutants;
  • against toxic or radioactive pollutants
  • against gases or vapors
  • for fire fighting.



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